What is it about forests that make us feel interconnected? The minute you step into the deep forest there’s a thick kinetic energy bouncing off every organism from plant to insect to animal, and suddenly you’re a part of it; a strong living force kept contained in the confines of canopy and trunk.

There’s something even more exquisite about the old growth forests of California’s redwoods. The ancient trees stand still and quiet and wise, towering over you with an air of astuteness, caution even, as if to say, this natural world is significant and strong but fragile. Don’t fuck it up.

Redwood National Forest, CA






What to Do in California’s Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park

Fern Valley

Hike the Fern Canyon trail to traverse through deep valleys lined with lush ferns, soppy moss, and rocks glistening with dew. Located off an unpaved road, it’s a hidden gem well worth seeking out. You’ll feel completely isolated in a hanging garden wonderland teeming with life – from the greenest plant life to rushing streams to giant yellow banana slugs to witnessing wild elk roaming the area.

Gold Bluff’s Beach + Camping

Located within Prairie Creek, a 14,000 acre sanctuary of old-growth coastal redwoods, lies Gold Bluff’s Beach and campground. Set up camp for a few days to explore the miles of surrounding hiking trails through the verdant forests or along the wild deserted beaches of Northern California. A prime area for wildlife viewing, keep an eye out for native Roosevelt Elk, coyote, and hundreds of species of sea birds. A morning coffee and picnic on the beach when the mist hasn’t quite cleared the cliffs is our favorite and a must-do experience.

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