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Travel Guide: Maui, Hawaii


Heralded as one of Hawaii’s best islands, Maui is a tropics-lover and outdoor-adventurer’s dream.

Known as the Valley Isle for it’s deep, rugged, and lush green topography, the island offers spectacular nature, an array of active sea and land adventures, and a distinct and vibrant culture singular to the Hawaiian islands.

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Travel Guide: Bali, Indonesia

Travel Guides

The first thing we noticed upon arrival was the way Bali smelled: the air, fresh and tropical, perfumed with a wonderfully sweet, nutty aroma we couldn’t quite pinpoint. For lack of better words, Bali was pure magic.

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Top 10 Must-Visit Beaches in Costa Rica


Costa Rica boasts over 750 miles of gorgeous coastline, with an array of beaches each with their own distinct draw. Whether you’re looking for soft white sand next to crystal clear waters or rugged black sand along thick coastal rainforest, this list has something for every type of beach-goer.

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Travel Guide: Costa Rica


In Spanish, Pura Vida means “pure life,” but in Costa Rica the term goes beyond literal translation. It’s representative of the entire Tico culture and lifestyle – a philosophy rooted in living life fully, gratefully, and joyfully.

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Travel Guide: Maui, Hawaii

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