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Why World Tourism Day is About More Than Collecting Passport Stamps

Inspiration, Travel

September 27th is World Tourism Day, an occasion marked by the United Nations World Tourism Organization to “foster awareness among the international community of the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, political and economic value.” While it’s certainly an ideal reason to satiate your unending wanderlust by dreaming of far off places and pinning photos for your future travel bucketlist, it’s also a day to contemplate the significance of travel, why we (as insatiable wanderers) devote our lives to it, and its impact on our global community.

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A Culinary Travelogue: What to Eat in Bali


There’s no better way to experience a place than through it’s food. In Bali, local food is slow-roasted and coconut glazed meats like pork and duck accentuated by spice rubs in which a delicious combination of tamarind, lemongrass, ginger, coriander, galangal, and cumin make an appearance.

With flavor influences from across Java and Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore, the food of Bali is both unique and typically Southeast Asian, and you’ll find a variety of scrumptious dishes and dining options, from local warungs, beach clubs, and street vendors to mid-range hot spots and high-end restaurants.

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12 Beauty Essentials for Surviving Long-Haul Flights

Lifestyle, Travel

The process of getting to a destination is, of course, part of the adventure. But let’s be real – airport travel isn’t always the best of times, and airplanes can wreak havoc on the body – especially when you’re sitting in them for 12+ hours.  Be prepared with these beauty essentials to ensure you’re taking care of yourself while traveling far distances.

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Discover a 9th Century Hindu Cave in Bali: Goa Gajah


Goa Gajah, Bali’s Elephant Caves, is somewhat of a mystery – the origins of the ancient sacred site is mostly unknown, and only religious folk tales allude to the cave’s creation by a legendary giant.

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Travel Guide: Puerto Rico


An island of contrasts, Puerto Rico both honors its colonial past and celebrates its vibrant modernism. Bursting with rich island culture, it’s the perfect destination for beach lovers, culture seekers, and those as enamored with Caribbean street food as us.